Artist Catherine Klein

Catharina Klein vintage image

Detail from a vintage watercolor by Catharina Klein

I’ll be adding some more recently acquired vintage images by artist Catherine Klein to the shop.

Who is Catherine Klein?

For starters – let’s get her name straight.  Klein’s images were typically signed “C. Klein.”  Her name was actually Catharina Klein, but was anglicized by publishers during World War I to Catherine Klein as she is most commonly known today.

Klein was born in 1861 in East Prussia.  She moved to Berlin where she studied and later taught art. She was a prolific artist with more than 2000 works that were reproduced on postcards and in calendars and books.

Catharina Klein painted in watercolor.  Her beautiful still lifes, botanical images, bird paintings, and images of all sorts of flowers, particularly roses, remain very popular with collectors to this day.

Catharina Klein died in 1929.